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All players and coaches must wear a mask to and from the field.   When a player is out of the game they should practice physical distancing or wear a mask.  

Home and Away teams will be on opposite sides of the field.  Parents/Spectators will remain on their respective side and practice physical distancing.  Families should remain 6 feet apart.   When unable to physically distance themselves, please wear a mask.   If at any time it is noticed that this is not being followed you will be asked to wait in your vehicle.  

COVID-19 Symptoms 

• No Player, Coach, Referee or Spectator should be present at any game if they exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19, or if they have a reasonable suspicion that they may have been exposed to someone who does. 

• Anyone planning to attend a game as a Player, Coach, Referee or Spectator should take their temperature before leaving home and should stay home if their temperature is higher than 100.4.   

Clubs Responsibilities 

• Clubs should schedule their home games to allow sufficient time for players, coaches, referees and spectators from previous game to exit the field well before the scheduled start of the next game. 

• Home team should line their fields so the spectators are 10 feet away from playing field whenever possible. 

• Game Balls should be sanitized before, at half time and at the end of the game. 

• If your club has difficulty obtaining a home field it is recommenced that you switch home games with your opponent. Please let your RVP and Referee Assignor know if you do so 


• Clubs, Coaches and Referees are reminded that the conduct of spectators is the responsibility of the Clubs and Coaches. The conduct of spectators is NOT the responsibility of the Referees. 

• Spectators should have no contact with the team after check-in commences. 

Masks, Physical Distancing and Hygiene 

• Anyone planning to attend a game as a Player, Coach, Referee or Spectator should wear a mask from the parking lot to the field, and from the field to the parking lot when unable to maintain physical distancing. 

• Spectators should continue to wear their masks if physical distancing cannot be maintained. 

• Coaches should continue to wear their masks if physical distancing cannot be maintained. 

• Players are not required to wear masks on the field during the game, but may do so. When on the sidelines, players should wear masks and spread out their gear and themselves from center line to goal line. Only players waiting to substitute should approach the center line. 

• Referees are not required to wear masks on the field during the game, but may do so. They must wear a mask at all times when not on the field (e.g. during halftime). 

• No handshaking or physical contact between players, coaches and referees at the field. 

• No sharing of water bottles. 

• No spitting on the field.   This will result in an automatic red card.

Check-in / Pre-game 

• Coach will certify all players and coaches have passes and appear on the roster and game card. 

• Coach will provide game card and referee fees at time of certification. 

• Referee will not examine player/coach passes individually, but will confirm they are present. 

• Referee will perform a safety check of players’ equipment while maintaining physical distance. 

• No coin toss. Away team will have possession first. 

During the Game 

• No physical contact (handshakes, high fives, hugs) between players celebrating a goal or a win. 

• Deliberate physical contact of any kind is prohibited. 

• In the event of misconduct, the referee should show the card while maintaining physical distance. 

• Use common sense when dealing with players and coaches to limit contact on and off the field. 

After the Game 

• No post-game handshakes or physical contact between players, coaches and referees. 

• Spectators should remain on their side of the field and allow the players to go to them. 

• All should vacate the field immediately after the game, wearing masks and avoiding physical contact. 

State Referee Committee COVID-19 Guidelines Referees should follow guidelines outlined in State Referee Administrator’s 6/30/2020 letter: 

NJYS Covid Guidelines


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